Frequently Asked Questions


Is Opendoor a home flipper?
In what cities does Opendoor buy and sell homes?


What types of homes does Opendoor purchase?
How does the closing process work when you sell to Opendoor?
Can I sell to Opendoor if I’m already working with an agent?
How do I request a cash offer from Opendoor?


How do I visit a home with Opendoor?
How does buying from Opendoor work?
Can I use my own agent to buy with Opendoor?
I’m ready to put in an offer on a home. What’s next?
I need to buy and sell at the same time. Can I do that with Opendoor?


I’m an agent. How do I work with Opendoor?
Will I still get a commission when I work with Opendoor?
As an agent, how do I get into an Opendoor home? You don’t use lockboxes.
My client wants to buy an Opendoor home. What’s next?
How do I get started with the Agent Access Loyalty Program?

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